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Harvard University Accepts Bulawayo Female Student

HARVARD UNIVERSITY in the United States of America has accepted a female computer-science student from Bulawayo, for undergraduate studies at its prestigious facilities, following her remarkable results in last year’s Advanced Level Cambridge Examinations.

Gertrude Ncube, a graduate of the USAP Community School, obtained distinctions in all her subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) received a scholarship under the US Embassy’s United States Achiever’s Programme and is currently awaiting disbursement of her financial aid for three years of tuition due in mid-July 2023.

The young lady born and raised in Pumula East; Bulawayo is excited about her upcoming opportunity.

“l was overjoyed when l got the news that l had been accepted into Harvard University. It has always been a lifelong dream to study abroad, especially in the United States. Luckily this dream has come true with an even better opportunity.

I received the email on the 15th of December 2022 at around 2 am and till today l am happy and can’t wait for my departure.”

Gertrude did her primary school at St Bernard’s in Pumula before enrolling on St Columbus high school where she excelled in her Ordinary Level subjects with flying colours.

Following this, she got a scholarship to pursue her A’ levels at the USAP community school, an institution that supports “high achieving, low-income Zimbabwean students in order to excel at the world’s top Universities and return home to build a better society”, according to the description in the school’s website.

“I’m grateful to my college counsellor and my mentor for guiding me through the application process, l wouldn’t have made it alone. God did it again. I never thought a girl like me from Bulawayo could make it to the US, let alone become a student at a renowned university like Harvard.”

The former Head of USAP Community School, Mr James Linville who was Gertrude’s advisor throughout her studies at the school had only good things to say about his former student.

“Yes, Getty was my advisee for two years. What stands out most about her is how true to herself she has been. A lot of top students fall into the trap of doing things simply because they’ll look impressive to others. Getty has been very intentional and reflective about her education. That’s something that universities really value,” said Linville currently in the United States.
“She has also stayed humble, always looked after those around her and treated them well, and helped out throughout our community without drawing attention to herself.” He added.

Gertrude Ncube is expected to study a broad range of subjects in her first two years at Harvard as she is encouraged to explore various interests within the Computer Sciences field before choosing a major in her third year of study.
Harvard is a Liberal Arts Institution, which gives students from around the world a platform to explore and learn program courses outside one’s primary interests.

Gertrude’s acceptance into Harvard is not just a celebration for her family but the whole community as Zimbabwe is encouraging women and girls to get into science and technology studies. Under her scholarship, Gertrude is expected to return to Zimbabwe to help proffer science-based solutions to problems faced in her community.

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