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Hopely Man Caught Bedding Mai Nigel {Video}

There was drama in Hopely, Harare when a married man was caught red-handed bedding a married woman, Mai Nigel, in her matrimonial home.

Paul Mujongondo (28) was detained for close to 18 hours as Hopely residents gathered at the house to catch a glimpse of the drama.

According to a video shared by H Metro, the man claims he did not know that the woman was married.

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Mai Nigel, according to Mujongondo, lied to him that she was divorced from her husband.

The woman’s husband was there on the scene and was making sure the woman packs all her bags.

The man admits that he is married and is from the same neighbourhood.

Watch the video below;

The incident brings memories of Mai Denzel who grabbed headlines recently after she was allegedly involved in a love affair with one of her husband’s close friends.

Things got sour when the friend discovered that Mai Denzel was dating yet another friend of her husband, leading to him leaking nude pictures and videos to Baba Denzel as evidence that she was cheating on the two of them.

This did not go down well with Baba Denzel who reportedly went on a rampage and splashed the nudes on social media platforms, probably as a way of embarrassing his wife and to prove that he was innocent in all this.

Recorded phone calls by Baba Denzel also went viral as he sought to inform his wife’s relatives that his relationship with Mai Denzel had collapsed.

Social media platforms went into overdrive and the pictures of Mai Denzel cuddling and enjoying quality time with her lovers went viral.

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