Greedy ZANU PF Bigwigs Scramble To ‘Eat’ From Mt Hampden Cyber City Deal

Some bigwigs in ZANU PF are battling to take control of investors funding the US$500 million Cyber City in Harare’s Mt Hampden area with serious machinations behind the scenes.

The battle has resulted in ZANU PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa allegedly flying to Dubai to try and rein the funders to his side.

According to the source, Paul Tungwarara, the project facilitator and Prevail International CEO has been under siege to cede control of the project as the politicians want to take over.

This has included criminal allegations of fraud being filed against Tungwarara to try and move him out of the way.

The fraud allegations have however not been proven.

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Mutsvangwa Is Greedy

Commenting on the matter Norton legislator Temba Mliswa derided Mutsvangwa for being greedy.

“The Cyber City Project in Mt Hampden was coming through well but since Chris Mutsvangwa saddled in the project is set for derailment as investors will lose confidence.

“It’s unfortunate that he is now pushing out the people who brought the Cyber City Project.

“Despite him being a veteran politician he has essentially failed to mature in his operations and acts like a spoilt child. He is already involved in Manhize and now goes after Cyber City.

Mliswa said Mutsvangwa has told the funders in Dubai that they should work with him only.

“He even postures that he is the one that had ED installed as President, figuring himself as some power broker,” he added.

New Dispensation Stumped by Corruption

Estimated at $500 million, Zimbabwe Cyber City is being developed by United Arab Emirates-based industrial conglomerate Mulk International.

The futuristic Cybercity is projected to anchor what authorities view as the new capital city or the New Harare in the Mount Hampden area, 26 kilometres northwest of Harare.

President Mnangagwa has hailed the project and says it will be a key feature.

“This Cybercity is to be a key feature that will bring added value to our new city here.

“The development around the year for the smart city on 15,500 acres will be the smartest city in our region,” he said.

The scourge of corruption however has placed the project in a precarious position as politicians jostle for a piece of the pie.

Previously Nigerian business magnate Aliko Dangote uprooted his cement project in Zimbabwe and left for Zambia after facing almost similar overtures for bribes by politicians.

The land which he had paid for and planned to build the cement factory was taken over and given to a Chinese entity.-Open Parly

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