Weak people criticize others’: Chamisa responds to Chin’ono’s ‘Dead as a dodo’ comments

Leader of the biggest opposition party in Zimbabwe, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Nelson Chamisa has responded to the chaos that has erupted in their party following comments by journalist Hopewell Chin’ono hat the party is ‘dead as a dodo’.

Chin’ono, who has a soft spot for the opposition made the comments after Chamisa seemingly failed to ride on the momentum gahered for Al Jazeera’s ‘Gold Mafia’ documentary.

His critique, however, was met with disdain from Chamisa’s lieutanants such as Fadzayi Mahere who coldly responded;

“That chap did one video mukabhilivhiswa, A Champion wins elections, penetrates rural strongholds, mass mobilizes communities who believe without payment, runs a moher ship, has strong allies in SADC & is tipped to win by independant surveys moti hapana. Tirikukuonai hedu.”

In a bid to stop the situation from getting out of hand, Chamisa has reprimanded his supporters from fanning the flame by publicly exchanging jabs.

Fellow Citizens, Brothers & Sisters a lot has happened, this is not the time to trade barbs and fight each other. We give oppressors oxygen and a lifeline. Let’s fix our eyes on the prize. We must win change for everyone. Let there be peace & love! We’re #OnePeople Zimbabwe!

He also said that people who criticize others are weak, saying so far they are doing more in the background than sees the eye.

Weak people criticize others. Strong people criticize themselves and give ideas and solutions. Let’s all be strong people. Stronger together!

The siuation had inadventadly turned sour as Chamisa’s underdogs called Hopewell Chin’ono a dog and the latter called out its leadership saying Chamisa’s silence imlied that he condoned and endorsed such narrative. He said this does little but show that the opposition is another ZANU PF in the making.

“Calling me a dog with he blessing of your leadership is what makes CCC unattractive to many who chose to keep quite and watch you tear your party into piece! I have never been CCC and will never be pary of ZANU PF B which insults and calls people dogs!” Chin’ono retorted.

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