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Watch: Drunk Police Officer Crashes Service Vehicle Into VW Polo

Watch a drunken police officer caught on video after he crashes head-on into a white Volks Wagen Polo with his marked police vehicle in De Aar in the Northern Cape over the weekend of 19 February 2023.


It is unclear in the video if the police officer is wearing his official police uniform civvies.

The drunken police officer was in an official police vehicle when he crashed head-on with white VW Polo, Die Son reported.

Shortly after the police officer crashed into the VW Polo, upset residents gathered around the accident scene.


“Look how drunk this policeman is,” says another woman.

The drunken police officer, at some point, fell and was on the ground at the back of the police vehicle. He could hardly stand up, and he could not speak at all.

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“Make a video make a video. Take a picture of his face,” says a woman.

“This is how you play with his job…,” another chastised him. Look how drunk this policeman is,” says another person.

Someone is heard saying it is not the first time that he has been so drunk.


At one point, die drunken police officer got back into his vehicle, and someone rushed towards his door, but two other people intervened and said he was going now, whereas they had removed the key of the car. He then got into his vehicle and tried to drive off, but someone had removed his keys.

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Northern Cape Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Sergio Kock confirmed that the police are aware of the video trending on social media. Kock said the drunken police officer involved in the crash was arrested, and an internal investigation is underway.

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