Tendai Biti denies allegations of abuse of office charges after leaked evidence surfaces

Citizens Convergence for Change champion Tendai Biti drowning in hot soup as audios leaked of him trying to bribe an abused girl’s parents. Currently, Tendai Biti’s case is in the hands of investigators who continue to come out with serious and tangible that may see the popular politicians behind the bars.

If Biti gets arrested, this would have serious impact on the opposition’s chances of winning the 2023 general elections. Biti is one of the pillars Nelson Chamisa would not afford to lose after the arrest of outspoken Job Sikhala. Unfortunately, CCC may have to embarace themselves to go into the polls without one of its key leaders in Tendai Biti.

Tendai Biti in the spotlight over leaked evidence of alleged abuse
Tendai Biti in the spotlight over leaked evidence of alleged abuse
Tendai Biti’s alleged abuse victim speaks
Speaking to the media, his secret girlfriend for three months said that she was instructed to stay in a house in Highlands. As their relationships intensified, Biti is said to have instructed the girl to change her phone number and stop visiting her parents often.

The demanding and cohesive behavior pushed the young girl to speak out. Once she spoke out about the whole issue, Biti is said to have send his uncle and friend to meet the girls parents. During the conversations, the uncle and friend offered them money such that they keep quiet. After refusing thy then requested to speak to the father of the girl saying that they want peace.

They went on to say that if things are not solved it may result in serious issues arising (like deaths). The victim said that she never knew that the man (Biti) has so much connections and power so much that he may make her disappeaer.

As of now, the investigations are still ongoing and Tendai Biti is still a free man until the judgement is made. However emerging evidence may mean that sooner or later the popular politician may be behind bars.

A lot of people on social media have responded calling for the police to do justice and treat all individuals fairly without favor of position or influence.



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