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Obsessed married woman refuses to be dumped by ex-lover

DATING a married woman can be a very stressful experience and that rings true for a man from Filabusi in Matabeleland South province Lovemore Diki who claims he is being tormented by his ex-lover Thando Nyathi whom he dumped after he discovered that she was married.

But Thando does not care about that as she feels she still loves him.

To show that he does not want to wreck her marriage and put his life in danger Diki “red-carded” her and went on to cut all lines of communication with her.

But according to Diki his ex-flame phones him and unleashes insults at him.

She does not stop at that as she also confronts him at his workplace in Filabusi.

She harasses him and shouts obscenities at him.

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Diki says he is no longer comfortable being in public spaces because his ex-lover torments him as she confronts him and hurls insults in public.

This was heard when Diki applied for a peace order at Filabusi magistrates’ court.

In his affidavit, he said: “I was in love with Thando Nyathi for a long time. When I discovered that she was married I held a meeting with her and told her that we have to stop the affair.

“At first she seemed to understand but later on she started to harass me and would confront me at my workplace where she would insult me in the presence of my workmates and bosses. She also calls me using a private number and insults me.

“Whenever she meets me in public places she shouts at me. I have suffered enough abuse at the hands of Thando. I pray that this honourable court would grant me a peace order.”

Thando did not attend the court session leading presiding magistrate Abednico Diliza Ndebele to grant Diki a protection order.

Thando was ordered not to communicate or go to Diki’s workplace.-B Metro

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