Uncle Waffles Joins Illuminati?

Uncle Waffles reacts to claims of joining the Illuminati after announcing her second project titled, Asylum.

“1 year ago, I released my debut project, unlocking a part of me I never knew existed, vulnerability I never knew I could feel. A year later, I’m doing it again, Welcome to the Asylum,” she wrote.

The art cover of the project garnered lots of attention and has eyes glued.

However, the musician’s cover for her latest single, Yahyuppiyah has people concluding that she’s sold her soul to the devil.

“Why do yalls cover art for the album always have to be so dark and demonic? like, what’s wrong with having a jolly and lively album cover frame ? iyoh,” a comment read.

“Kant why is the album cover so demonic? I’m worried about people who are listening to secular music and people participating in these new dance moves,” reads another.

Reacting to all of the claims, Uncle Waffles poked fun at the comments on her Instagram stories.

“They got her” To do what?

“Bo inspectors gadget getting to say I joined boMaluminati.

In Other News: Ramaphosa In Trouble Over AKA’s Death

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa is under pressure from AKA’s devoted following, popularly known as The Megacy. The rapper was murdered in Durban more than a month ago. Still, despite police claims that they have launched an enquiry using publicly available CCTV footage, they have yet to release any commendable report.


AKA's Suspected Killers Arrested In Cape Town
Ramaphosa In Trouble Over AKA’s Death

Rubu Thulisa, a superfan, wrote a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa addressing his displeasure.

“The murder of AKA was fully captured on CCTV, and there were many witnesses, yet, over six weeks later, the police have not made any arrests,”

“The fact that there is a satellite police station right next to the restaurant at which the two were murdered and that the murderers can be seen on CCTV running past that station after the murders is an indictment on the police. The fanbase released statistics on the number of people who get murdered daily.

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