Ambassaors Use Every Trick To Attract Investors: Zambian Ex-Minister Defends Eubert Angel

Former Zambian Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Harry Kalaba has defended Ambassador Uebert Angel after the Gold Mafia expose saying that there is nothing amiss about him saying and doing what he did when he was speaking with the undercover Al Jazeera investigative journalists who were posing as investors.

Harry Kalaba, who was a minister from 2014 to 2018 says that as a way to pull investors in the country diplomats go all the way to try and convince investors to come into their country.

“Diplomats have to go beyond the call of duty to convince investors that they have the ear of the principal who is the president that they are the ones to convince you to invest in their country. and remember we are competing for the same investors, he said.

He says there is nothing amiss about Uebert Angel calling President Mnangagwa’s wife Auxilia because diplomas use their ‘ingenuity’ to attract investors ‘behind the scenes’.

He says they should do what they have to say, “but from that documentary I have seen, there is no evidence that the money was going in Eubert Angle’s pocekcts or President Mnangagwa’s”, he said.

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