FINALLY! Simz Ngema Admits To Visiting Thabo Bester

Actress Simphiwe “Simz” Ngema says she has nothing to hide after being identified as the celebrity who visited “Facebook rapist” and killer Thabo Bester at Mangaung Correctional Centre.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, she stated her “affiliation with Thabo Bester” and said she was collaborating with police.

She confirmed the visit before saying it occurred five years ago, that she is not engaged in the latest occurrences, and that she did not facilitate the murderer’s escape from prison.

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Simz says she met Thabo who introduced himself as TK Motsepe and a business transaction later occurred between them when he booked her for events through his 21st Century company.

“Till this day I was never paid for some of the events I was booked for by 21st century. In 2018 I went to the prison to demand answers, it was a difficult time in my life and he owed me money.

“I’ve been open about everything to those that have been investigating and I have nothing to hide. I am not the person that went there on a regular basis nor was I the last person to visit before his escape.

“This was five years ago and I have supporting documents that prove I had only visited on one occasion. Dated April 5 2018. The media should stop vilifying his victims and using us as a tool for distraction because we also want answers,” she posted.

Screenshot from Simz Ngema's Instagram timelineImage: Instagram/ Simz Ngema
Screenshot from Simz Ngema’s Instagram timeline Image: Instagram/ Simz Ngema

Speculations ran high when journalist Karyn Maughan revealed a “well-known” celebrity visited Bester in prison.

In recent developments, after two more arrests were made, police minister Bheki Cele said they were “closer to finding the high level people” who helped Bester.

“What is clear is [the] people who have been arrested will have to tell us who sent them because they could not have done this on their own,” said Cele.

“We are satisfied the team is doing good work there. We don’t want to push the team. We want them to find their way up to the level where we believe this thing originated. We know it originated with Bester, but he could not have dealt with the small fish. At a certain point, we’ll have to get sharks in the matter.

FINALLY! Simz Ngema Admits To Visiting Thabo Bester

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