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Get Your FlySafair R9 Ticket Today!

Today is the day of Cape Town! FlySafair’s highly anticipated annual Lucky R9 sale many South Africans are logged onto the website to get their hands on the cheapest air ticket..

This sale has become a national sensation, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for passengers to score incredibly cheap flights across South Africa.

During the Lucky R9 sale, FlySafair is selling 50 000 seats on selected domestic flights for just R9, inclusive of airport tax. That’s right; you can fly to your favourite South African destination for just R9!

However, these tickets are only available through FlySafair’s website, so make sure you have a reliable internet connection and a charged-up device to snag one of these highly coveted tickets.

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To participate in this fantastic sale, you’ll need to join the Waiting Room via the FlySafair website. Each minute, a select number of customers will be randomly selected to access the website, giving them a limited amount of time to find and book their R9 ticket.

So, be sure to have your travel dates and destination in mind to make the most of this opportunity.

FlySafair wishes all participants the best of luck in today’s epic sale and urges anyone who isn’t looking for a Lucky R9 ticket to use their FlySafair App for normal bookings.

However, for those seeking an adventure at an unbeatable price, the Lucky R9 sale is an event that cannot be missed.

For more information on the terms and conditions surrounding the FlySafair Lucky R9 sale, head over to their website.

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