Shauwn Mkhize Is Still Legally Married to Sbu Mpisane

Shauwn Mkhize reportedly bears the name Mpisane despite announcing a split from Sbu Mpisane years ago.

The businesswoman changed her surname to Mkhize after leaving her husband, but it’s revealed that the two are still legally married.

“Shauwn can appear with all the celebs at parties and say what she wants, she is still Mrs. Mpisane. Ask her to show you her divorce decree and where she got it, then I will buy you the most expensive car you can find in the world,” a source disclosed to ZiMoja.

The couple is said to be still married in a community of property and it is not clear when they will divorce.

According to the source, Shauwn does not like mentioning in public that she is still legally married to Sbu.

It alleged that the delay is caused by the multi-million Rands in cash, movable and immovable assets that the couple has to split.

The source says the amount of money that Shauwn will make from selling her debut book, has to be shared with Sbu since they are still a legally married couple.

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