The most expensive tweet: Nota about to lose his possessions to DJ Shimza

Nota Baloyi is reportedly on the verge of losing his prized possessions after failing to pay DJ Shimza R200 000 for the defamation case he lost.

According to News24, Nota got into trouble with the internationally acclaimed DJ after tweeting that he was a corrupt toy boy. Shimza was offended by the slanderous online statements and sued him.

After a battle in court, the magistrate ruled that Nota’s evidence was unconvincing and sentenced him to pay R200 000 in damages. In 2022, the news publication added that Nota agreed to pay Shimza in three instalments, two of which he did and the third of which was pending at the time.

Nota Baloyi reportedly loses assets after failing to pay DJ Shimza for the defamation case

Taking to Twitter, @ThisIsColbert, who frequently brings Mzansi pop culture news to the timeline, shared a video detailing how Nota stands a chance of losing his assets.

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The narrator could be heard in the video claiming that Baloyi did pay some of the money owed to Shimza. However, Nota’s failure to settle the total amount earned DJ Shimza a writ of execution, allowing him to go after his assets to recover the debt.

Check out the full video below:

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