Blaq Diamond bullying Sbahle for joining Ambitiouz Ent

Sbahle calls out Blaq Diamond’s Ndu Brown in an open later recently released.

The duo left Ambitiouz Entertainment and remained independent under their self-established record label, Umuthi Records.

In 2020, Sbahle was the first artist the duo signed under the label, however, she’s left the label and signed to Ambitiouz.

In the open letter released, Sbahle talked about how Ndu Browns whose real name is Ndumiso Mdletshe, has been frustrating all her efforts at growing her music career.

“I have been quiet for a long time now. It is about time I become independent. I have been a victim for too long and I thought things would change. It is happening again. Right now, I’m torn apart,” she said.

“People come to my grandparents’ home, asking for permission to move me to a different province and promise to take care of me, and my career and support me all the way. Only for them to abandon me, not knowing what I eat, where I sleep, or how I live. Now they are bullying me out of my music and taking it down. How am I supposed to live?”

A source close to the saga revealed that Blaq Diamonds took down the Sbahle’s song because she walked out of contract with the record label.

“She is no longer happy working at Umuthi Records. She felt that Blaq Diamond did not care about her and her music as they put more focus on their brand. She blames Ndu because he is the one who called her when she was still in KZN and promised her heaven and earth,” a source disclosed.

An insider disclosed that Ndu ill-treated Sbahle because she got signed by AE.

“When Sbahle came through in the music scene, her bookings were handled at Ambitiouz. I think she is a victim of the nasty break- up between Ambitiouz and Blaq Diamond group. They don’t want anything to do with that label and her association with it disgusts them,” the insider said.-Fakaza

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