Zandile Khumalo sheds ‘crocodile tears’ in court but Mzansi aren’t buying it

An emotional video of Zandile Khumalo identifying Accused No. 2 as one of the intruders who broke into her family’s home the night Senzo Meyiwa was killed has gone popular on social media.

Her cries have been termed “crocodile tears” by online users in place of expressions of sympathy. The internet community didn’t waste any time in pointing out what they perceived to be contradictions in her story, questioning her credibility, and calling her a bad actress.

Critics flocked to various social media platforms to voice their scepticism, questioning how Khumalo could now remember the face of Accused No. 2 when she had previously stated that the intruders were wearing masks during the incident.

Netizens highlighted the inconsistencies in her statements, suggesting that her emotional display was an act aimed at manipulating public sentiment.

Watch the video below;

In the wake of Zandile Khumalo’s emotional testimony, social media users have wasted no time dissecting her statements and expressing their doubts.

The online community began questioning her credibility after an old video surfaced, showing Khumalo mentioning the presence of masks and her inability to identify the intruders.

They were wearing masks half of the time. There’s no way I can say who it was. And none of those guys [the five arrested suspects] had dreadlocks, maybe they’ve had haircuts, some of them gained weight. It’s been a while. Right now I cannot identify those men. Right now there are five suspects, but two people,” Zandile said during the interview when asked if she could identify the suspects.

Here is the old video footage;

This revelation has led netizens to question how she could now confidently pinpoint Accused No. 2 as one of the culprits.

The reactions on social media were scathing, with users accusing Khumalo of being a “blatant liar” and claiming that her tears were nothing more than a performance.

Some even speculated that her opposition to courtroom cameras was an attempt to hide her alleged lack of acting skills.

Check out some of the reactions;


Does she even care about the lives left damaged by all these lies they are spewing?


Thats why she didn’t want cameras there. It would have exposed her lack of acting skills.


Crocodile tears from an aspiring actress, I know an AFDA graduate when I hear one


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