Barbie Brazil in another accident

South African socialite and businesswoman Barbie Brazil, real name Ennie Tembie Cleary was involved in yet another car accident, Zimoja reports.

The publication revealed that Barbie Brazil who is a former Come Dine With Me South Africa was driving a rented car when the accident happened, as her pink signature SUV is still being fixed after her first car crash almost two weeks ago.

Her friend told the outlet that the former stripper is still in shock.

“Two accidents in a short space of time is no joke. She just needs a little bit of space to think about her life and evaluate what might be wrong.

“Some people don’t make it out alive. We are glad she is okay,” said the source.

Two weeks ago, Barbie Brazil’s car collided with a taxi.

“Trust a bloody, deranged Quantum,” she wrote on Instagram after the accident.

Barbie Brazil

“In order to avoid road rage, I tried to get out of his way, and then boom he drove in front of me, and I launched into his silly taxi.

“I have a busted lip. My right eye has been bruised. I had a bleeding nose and a little scar under my lip. I also bruised my elbow. I have extreme pain on my revived tummy-tuck scar and a major headache non-stop and a sore body,” she said.

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