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Dineo Ranaka is trying so “hard not to commit suicide”

Another celebrity, radio personality Dineo Ranaka, has complained about the demands of living in the spotlight on social media and wrote on her Instagram page how she is making every effort to avoid suicide.

She wrote in an Instagram post, “My mind is so noisy of late, life is hard and I am trying my best but my best appears to be not enough.

The three-parent mother prayed to God and expressed her utmost care for her kids.

The celebrity claimed to have a thorough understanding of souls, spirits, and suicides. “I get it. I get them,” she wrote.


Recently, Dineo Ranaka shared what anxiety is to her after she took a hiatus from social media. The star said she has been doing soul-searching and deep conversations with herself.

“I’ve decided to change my perspective on it because I don’t like to spend time with things that make me scared, and that feeling makes me scared – every time I get in a space where I’m feeling a little bit anxious, I get a little bit afraid,” she said in a video.

Dineo Ranaka said she has since decided to treat the attacks or things that triggered her anxiety as reminders to slow down and breathe. She added that she was also implementing her change in perspective into her day-to-day tasks.

“Instead of seeing the attacks as an attack, I see them as a reminder to slow down, like pause, breathe a little bit,” said Ranaka.

In 2022, South African rapper Ricky Rick took also took to his social media about suicidal thoughts and “hearing voices”, and later committed suicide in February 2022.

Dineo Ranaka is trying so “hard not to commit suicide”

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