Vathiswa Ndara’s tell-all book rejected by booksellers because it exposes South Africa’s rotten entertainment industry

Since she publicly accused production companies of exploitation and denounced the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture, renowned actress Vathiswa Ndara has been marginalised by the industry. Vathiswa, a gifted actress, doesn’t appear to have any fans.

The former newsreader-turned-actress has reportedly been having difficulty getting her autobiography into bookstores, according to ZiMoja.

Vathiswa Ndara is selling her book “Unfiltered: My unglamorous odyssey in the World of South African Entertainment” because the major bookstores won’t carry it, according to people familiar with the matter.



“She has been sidelined ever since she exposed the ups and downs of the entertainment industry in the country,” a close friend said. The friend adds that Ndara is not giving up and is tired of begging main retailers to sell her book and has decided to take matters into her own hands. “She has been selling and promoting the book on her own and through her own connections,” adds another source.

The former Gazi Lami star is no longer interested in the arts industry despite her undefeated talent, Zimoja claims.

“She is no longer taking acting gigs. She said she made this decision after the industry did her bad,” says the source.



According to the source, Vathiswa Ndara does not want anything to do with showbiz, instead chose her peace; she was labelled “crazy” because she was vocal.”

South African entertainment is nothing like Hollywood, it is easy to write off a person especially if you are vocal, it is unfortunate that we are going to lose true and rare talent like hers,” the source added.

The source adds that she now decided to channel her energy into other projects.

“She works with different people who have been helping her to push the sales of the book.” According to the source no store wants to sell the book because of the people she is mentioning and exposing in her explosive tell-all.

“This should be one for the best sellers, it is well written and it’s a nice read” When contacted for comment, Ndara confirmed that she is selling the book on her own.

“You can order from me – at the moment I don’t think anyone wants anything to do with it because of the names in it,” she said. Ndara also added that she is no longer taking interviews because of the way she has been portrayed in the media.

“At this point, I feel comfortable when people quote from the book – I think I’m tired of the misquotes, etc – all the wrong information out.”

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