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Politician pranks wife by dressing up brother in woman’s clothes and sneaking into their bedroom over tlof tlof misunderstanding

An independent candidate in Kadoma’s 2018 elections who dressed up his brother as a woman and brought him into their bedroom caused an incident with his wife.

Zivanayi Mavesere asserted that he did this to irritate his wife because she repeatedly refused him access to marital relations.

Zivanayi’s wife, Linnet, noticed him leaving the bedroom with his brother in tow and assumed he had been with Claris, his ex-girlfriend.



However, Zivanayi defended himself by stating that he was hoping to teach his wife a lesson by having her think he was cheating on her.

While Linnet confirmed the incident occurred, she pleaded with H-Metro not to publish the story, claiming that her husband had already shamed her.

“Ndaita drama chairo nhasi nekuti mudzimai wangu akasarudza kunorara ku bedroom yemwanasikana achida kundikaurisa saka ndamukaurisawo,” Zivanayi said.

“Ndakapfekedza mupfana wangu wigi ne dress kuti aite semukadzi ndikapinda naye mu bedroom.

“My wife heard footsteps that indicated that two people had entered the bedroom. She opened the door and I rushed my young brother into the vehicle and left.

“She was quick to suspect that it was Claris my former girlfriend. She has been denying me my conjugal rights, but has been keeping watch on what was taking place in a bedroom she does not want to be in,” he said.

Linnet pleaded with the press not to publish the story.

“Do not humiliate me more by publishing this story because my husband has already shamed me by taking another woman into my matrimonial bedroom,” said Linnet.

“Yes, some men cheat, but they are not foolish to take their lovers into their wives’ bedroom sheets.

“Zivanayi failed to respect his own body, my body, his children and his social standing in society.

“I had a misunderstanding with him for the past two days and I left my bedroom out of anger. Zivanayi engaged police in an effort to take my earthmoving vehicle.

“It affected me a lot and I was trying to avoid domestic violence since we have grown up children, but his actions have left me with chills,” said Linnet.

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