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Zimbabweans Must Return Home – Ruling Party Official Admits Mistake with ZEP Permits!

Controversy Surrounding Zimbabweans in South Africa

The recent revelation by a senior official from South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), has caused a stir among the Zimbabwean community living in the country. Nomvula Mokonyane, First Deputy Secretary General of the ANC, publicly admitted that granting Zimbabweans the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP) was a mistake.

Because of these comments, there is now a heated discussion about immigration policies and how foreigners affect South Africa’s struggling economy.

The ANC’s Perspective:

Nomvula Mokonyane’s admission of the ANC’s mistake in granting ZEP permits reflects a growing sentiment within the ruling party.

They believe that the government’s previous leniency with immigration policies has had adverse effects on the country. The ANC is now under pressure to reassess its approach and find solutions that prioritize the interests of South African citizens.

Some ANC members and parts of the South African public, like Mokonyane, are becoming more and more convinced that the influx of foreigners, especially Zimbabweans, is making the country’s economic problems worse.

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They say that putting the needs of foreigners ahead of the needs of South Africans has made people more angry and frustrated.

However, Mokonyane’s remarks have also attracted criticism from human rights activists and organizations advocating for the fair treatment of immigrants.

They argue that scapegoating foreign nationals for the country’s challenges is both unjust and counterproductive, diverting attention from deeper systemic issues such as corruption and mismanagement.

The Impact on Zimbabwean Immigrants:


The controversy surrounding the ZEP permits has left many Zimbabwean immigrants uncertain about their future in South Africa.

While some have established lives and contribute positively to the economy, others have been involved in criminal activities, exacerbating tensions between the two communities.

Zimbabweans who have built their lives in South Africa are worried about the government’s plans to change its immigration policies. The controversy over Zimbabwean immigrants in South Africa, which started when it was admitted that a mistake was made in giving out ZEP permits, shows how hard things are in the country right now.

Nomvula Mokonyane

As South Africa tries to get its economy back on track and bring its people together, it still needs to find a fair way to deal with immigration that takes into account the needs of its citizens and respects human rights and international obligations.


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