Connie Ferguson finds new ‘pillar of strength after Shona died

Connie Ferguson has revealed her pillar of strength two years after her husband Shona died.

The two stars had been very close buddies; most fans called them a power couple.

It was clear that Shona was Connie’s rock during his days, and nobody could doubt it.

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He was a caring father to their children and, above all, a loving and present husband to Connie.

Shona would tear off whatever Connie wanted, trying to provide what a man he was.

Since his death, Connie struggled to fill the gap. Indeed, nobody can replace Shona, but at least she had found another rock.


Like what people always say, family comes before everything and here is one of the reasons why.

Even when you succeed in life and do whatever you want, family always seems to be a strong foundation.

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Connie found her pillar of strength in her young sister Otosie; they are very close.

Celebrating Atosie’s birthday, that was when Connie poured out her heart, explaining the love she has for Atosie.

Many fans also loved it and thanked Atosie for being a great sister to Connie Ferguson.


Wishing her big sister a happy birthday, Connie Ferguson showed her sister is her pillar of strength: “Thank you for being my rock, my safe place, my happy place! To say I love you does not remotely cover what you mean to me.”

She thanked God for a wonderful sister and wished her a happy birthday.

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“I thank God daily for you my Banas, and I pray that as you get a year older today, he continues guiding you, protecting you and blessing you with all the desires of your heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!🎂🥳🎉🎈🎊🎁” she finished.

In response, Atosie also showed fans why her big sister found such a pillar of strength in her.

“Thank you so much sis 💕🙏💕 You know my heart when it comes to you. No one can ever understand the kind of bond and love we have for one another. Le a go rata San’♥️♥️♥️ @connie_ferguson” she said.

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