Mnangagwa offered Chamisa a GNU deal and he refused: Ibbo Mandaza

Ibbo Mandaza, a politician, academic and businessman who is also the director of a local think-tank Sapes Trust claims that President Emmerson Mnangagwa offered CCC president Nelson Chamisa a power-sharing deal and he flatly refused.

According to Ibbo, during an interview with Alpha Media Holdings owner Trevor Ncube on his show, Conversations with Trevor, Mnangagwa asked Chamisa to postpone the just-ended elections and form a Government of National Unity.

He claims that Mnangagwa wanted to rule as president, and Chamisa as Prime Minister, for two years in which he would then hand over power but the latter rejected the offer.

“I got this from very reliable quarters. Emmerson didn’t want elections, he knew it would be messy and he also knew he was unelectable. He sent out emissaries to Chamisa in March, around there, say let’s postpone the elections for two years, let’s form a Government of National Unity and in two years I hand over, I am going”, Ibbo says.

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The politician said that he was told about the emissaries who are part of President Mnangagwa’s government, ‘the inner core’.

He also claims that the military was heavily involved in the elections with Chiwenga is at the helm.

Watch the video below;

Kudzai Mutisi, a political commentator, however, debunked Ibbo’s claims saying that this is only wishful thinking.

Responding to the video, he said;

People can lie with their feet😅😅😅…. It’s worse when done by old men… God save us, yooooh

Another social media commentator said;


Believe Ibbo at your own risk. His mind is filled with GNU imaginations. He mistakes those imaginations for reality. However, in a Freudian slip he acknowledges that ED “will rule” which is a tacit admission that all his assertions about SADC&AU intervention are hogwash.

Temba Mliswa Urges Mnangagwa To Scrap POLAD, Engage Chamisa

Former Norton MP, Temba Mliswa (Independent), has urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to reach out to opposition CCC party leader Nelson Chamisa to discuss national issues, especially the welfare of the people.

Posting on X (formerly Twitter), Mliswa said the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) is not the right platform for Mnangagwa to engage Chamisa but that the two should rather meet one-on-one. Said Mliswa:

Now that we have completed all political processes from the Presidency to Councils wouldn’t it be wise for the President to meet with Chamisa?

The POLAD platform isn’t ideal & warrants an alternative platform just for the two of them to discuss national issues and progress.

The agenda should focus on the country, the people and their welfare. CCC had its own manifesto relating to the same and that can be incorporated into what the ruling government seeks to do. That inclusive approach will go a long way in helping us as a nation.

I hope and pray for such kind of interactions… We can’t continue having fights and frictions. We must stop being emotional and recognise each other’s role and use in national development.

As it is the opposition has some positions in Gvt but it is ED who has the actual power. There is a need for collaboration for any progress otherwise the opposition won’t have much impact and there will be no synergy between the two.

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