Fans worried after tlof tlof star Wandi Ndlovu posted ‘suicidal’ message

Reality TV star Wandi Ndlovu, known for appearing on Showmax’s “My Body Works For Me,” recently posted a concerning update on her Instagram stories that caught the attention of social media users.

In her Instagram story, she shared the word “suicidal” accompanied by a broken heart emoji, leaving many speculating about her emotional state. Although she hasn’t provided further context for her post, social media users have been discussing it. Reactions have ranged from compassion to insensitivity.

Some users expressed shock at the revelation, as Wandi Ndlovu has typically appeared cheerful and in control. They hoped she would overcome these troubling thoughts.

Others pointed out the challenges of her line of work in the adult entertainment industry, suggesting that it can take a toll on mental health. Meanwhile, some accused her of seeking attention.

Here are a few comments from social media users:


She’s always seemed so happy and in control it’s shocking to hear this about her. I hope she fights these thoughts bakithi 🥺💔


This job is not easy at all


strength to her to overcome these thoughts.


Smoke a joint you will be fine, it you feel suicidal again smoke another one


She’s not suicidal, when she really we’ll all know


How many in such business end up attempting suicide, or atleast attempt to ,depression or dive straight into substance abuse💁‍♂️

Cluster off all those spirits,when someone preach that having sex with multiple causes such he or she is ridiculed

Hambo Geza amathunzi!!!!!

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