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Namibian bus driver man shot in both eyes while shopping in South Africa

A bus driver from Okahandja is receiving treatment in the Windhoek Central Hospital after he reportedly lost both his eyes during an attack in Johannesburg last week.

The man, only identified as Sam, has been described as being ‘lucky to be alive’ after he was allegedly shot – with the bullet entering through one eye and exiting through the other, leaving him blind.

He was reportedly robbed of cellphones and cash during the attack.

According to the Namibian High Commission in Pretoria, the incident took place on Wednesday evening. The High Commission heard about it on Thursday afternoon and when a police attaché went to the scene on Friday, they were informed that Sam had left Johannesburg by plane on Friday morning.

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Sam regularly drives to Johannesburg, where he takes Namibians who buy items in South Africa and resell them in Namibia.

Business gone wrong

He was attacked while getting a quotation in a car-parts dealership, according to fellow Namibian bus drivers close to the happenings.

This was confirmed by a preliminary police intelligence report, which added that the dealership is owned by a Malawian national, only identified as Rasta.

The motive for the attack is not explicitly known, with some saying it may be linked to confrontations Sam had with some of his business associates in Johannesburg.

“There’s a phone technician in Johannesburg who had a fight with him recently because the technician sold the phones he was tasked to fix. They had a disagreement and Sam confiscated the South African guy’s TV set and his Wi-Fi device. So, we don’t know if it’s linked to that,” one driver said.

It is also said that Sam had a lot of money on him, including N$7 000 earmarked for car parts, sources said.


“He was the only person attacked in the shop, so he was clearly the target.”

The attack was allegedly carried out by two men.

“One of them shot him and the other took the money before they fled.”

Namibian Police spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, said efforts are being made to establish the facts to the tragic incident.

“The victim is reported to be back in the country and admitted at a local hospital for medical treatment,” she said.

“Once statements are [given], a formal complaint will be registered in Namibia and submitted to the [South African police] through the National Central Bureau of Interpol.”

Doctors at the Windhoek Central Hospital told Namibian Sun yesterday that Sam was scheduled for an operation on Saturday.

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