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Gweru woman almost got dumped for “Looking for a husband” skit

The woman from Gweru who captured the attention of social media users with her placard seeking a husband in the City Centre has come forward to clarify that it was not a genuine search, but rather a content creation for TikTok.

Speaking on 98.4 Midlands FM, the woman, identified as Susan, revealed that she has a boyfriend and the placard was simply part of one of her skits.

Susan explained that her intention was never to actually find a man through her viral placard search. She stated,

“I wasn’t actually looking for a man; it was simply a TikTok content idea. I also want to clarify that I do have a boyfriend”.

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She also revealed that when her boyfriend noticed her trending on social media, she stayed up until 3AM, explaining that it was all for the sake of creating content for TikTok.

She also revealed that the placard skit was not her first public attempt at creating engaging content.

She had previously participated in another activity where she went around hugging people and observed their reactions.

In addition to her role as a content creator, Susan also owns a clothing shop where she sells clothes.

As Susan’s video gained traction on social media, it sparked various opinions among the viewers.

After the revelation that it was all part of a skit, some social media users labeled her as an attention seeker, while others acknowledged that it was a trend on TikTok.

Below are some of the comments on Instagram.


 was actually comtemplating on doing this trend too zvekuzonzi ‘clout’ chii chii rato drama,makutotaura chirungu chakawandaa 


Mmmm things people do for likes n followers haiii zvanyanya 


They can do anything to get famous. 


If she was doing it for TikTok why give them number chaidzo. 

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