“Hope it was free”: Zodwa Wabantu, Manaka Ranaka boxing match slammed

South African celebrities Zodwa Wabantu and Manaka Ranaka faced off in a highly anticipated boxing battle on October 22 in a very weird and riotous spectacle. What was supposed to be a spectacular duel turned out to be more akin to a comedy act, leaving supporters and observers confused.

The entire country was buzzing in the run-up to this unusual competition. After actress and reality TV star Khanyi Mbau dropped out of the fight, Zodwa Wabantu, the controversial socialite and exotic dancer, was left without an opponent. Manaka Ranaka, an award-winning actress best known for her role as Lucy on SABC1’s ‘Generations: The Legacy,’ stepped in to fill the hole and sparked a blaze of excitement.

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Fans and viewers who had been eagerly awaiting the match found themselves perplexed when they tuned in to watch. The “boxing match” that unfolded was unlike any typical sporting event. Instead of landing punches on each other, the two celebrities engaged in a series of comical scuffles and takedowns, with punches nowhere to be found.

In videos trending online, Zodwa and Ranaka could be seen scurrying around the boxing ring, but not a single punch was thrown. Instead, they seemed more interested in throwing each other to the canvas, much to the amusement of the audience.

Watch the video below:


The online rivalry between Zodwa and Manaka added an extra layer of hilarity to the lead-up. Ranaka playfully responded to one of Zodwa’s videos, in which the socialite announced she might wear her famous G-string for the match. In response, Ranaka expressed no fear of the exotic dancer and called on her Instagram followers to rally behind her, sparking the hashtags #TeamManaka and #TeamZodwa.

Fans and followers, amused by the banter, took to social media with comments such as “I can’t wait for the fight” and “I’ve canceled all my activities for that day.” The entire spectacle quickly became a must-see event, but not for the reasons initially anticipated.


As the dust settles, fans are still waiting to hear who emerged victorious in this comedy-infused battle. While the match may not have lived up to the expectations of a traditional boxing event, it undoubtedly left a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed it.

The celebrity boxing trend in South Africa continues to gain momentum, with this uproarious bout between Zodwa Wabantu and Manaka Ranaka being just the latest installment. As fans eagerly await the official result, one thing is clear – this unique clash in the boxing ring has added an unforgettable chapter to the world of celebrity showdowns.

In the end, whether it was comedy, boxing, or something in between, Zodwa and Ranaka’s match has left an indelible mark on the South African entertainment scene.

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