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Armed robbers pounce during live church service, steal valuables including the bible

A gang of armed robbers recently unleashed a terrifying assault on Ghanaian worshipers attending a church service at the Church of Pentecost in South Africa.

In a viral video cited by DGN Online, the armed robbers in masks stormed the church in a Rambo style while church service was ongoing, leaving a trail of chaos and fear in their wake.

The robbers armed with pistols forced the church members to lie on the floor and ended up taking away their mobile phones and valuables at gunpoint.

The video captures the moment when the armed men, resembling characters from an action movie, disrupted the tranquil atmosphere of the church, when the preacher was delivering his sermon, and the assailants burst into the auditorium, brandishing guns and demonstrating a ‘Rambo-style’ approach.

The preacher, presumed to be the spiritual leader of the assembly, was not spared, falling victim to the ruthless criminals. The situation took an even more distressing turn as one of the robbers approached the pulpit, coercing the preacher to lead them to the whereabouts of money kept within the church premises.

Thereafter the Preacher was whisked away by the robbers to an unknown location. Meanwhile, the Ghana High Commission in Pretoria in a statement to the Ghanaian Community in South Africa has expressed worry over the incident.


The statement sighted by DGN Online stated that “The attention of the High Commission of the Republic of Ghana has been drawn to an incident in which members of the congregation of the Johannesburg branch of the Ghanaian Church of Pentecost were robbed of their valuables at gunpoint and a Deacon of the church kidnapped during church service”.

According to the High Commission, “The Mission is presently working with the Church in cooperation with the South Africa Police Service (SAPS) to ensure the speedy and safe release and return of the victim to his family. Kindly note that the South African Police is fully focused on the matter and is working hard to ensure the safe return of our compatriots”.

“Mission wishes to advise all members of the Ghanaian community to take necessary/precautions to ensure their safety and well-being and will update the Community of any further developments related to the case” the statement added. (source:

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