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Mai TT released from Chikurubi prison

Socialite and comedienne Mai TT is set to be released from Chikurubi prison after the High court ruled in her favour.

Mai TT, born Felistas Murata, was imprisoned after the Magistrates Court convicted her of theft of property and absconding community service. The High Court has now overturned her conviction after an appeal and declared her not guilty.

Speaking just after the High Court judgement, her lawyer Tafadzwa Muvhami said:

“Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai TT’s appeal has been upheld by the court. She was arguing that the relationship between her and Rachel Mhuka in which she was owing US$10,000, was not one that when she left the vehicle, it was collateral. And again, the agreement between her and the complainant in the case, which was the car hire, was not such that it created a trust agreement or trust relationship, which was essentially the element of the offence.

“So the State agreed with us in its submission. Mai TT has been freed by the High Court. She has been found not guilty. The sentence and conviction have been quashed. Definitely today or tomorrow she’ll be out to entertain her fans.”

Mai TTs crime

Mai TT was sentenced to an effective nine months in prison for her crimes. The Harare Magistrates Court convicted her for theft of trust property after she gave away a rented car as collateral after taking a US$10,000 loan.

The court also sentenced her for defaulting on community service in 2015. Mai TT had been convicted of assault and ordered to perform 105 hours of community service at Harare Central Hospital. However, she only completed 19 hours and absconded the rest.

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Mai TT’s fans celebrated online.


“Good news🔥🔥🔥kiti dzese mukai tiite noise😂😂😂.”


“Glory be to God 💕🎊”


“I hope she has been rehabilitated.”


“Welcome bek home mummy 😋😋😋”

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