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Popular American Youtuber MrBeast Builds Borehole At Zimbabwean Clinic

Popular Youtuber and Philanthropist MrBeast recently brought clean water at a rural clinic in Zimbabwe and bought bicycles for nurses who travel long distance to work.

MrBeast achieved his goal of being the biggest individual YouTuber. He is known for going big like with the Squid Games video. Further, he is also known for his philanthropy. He has previously helped paralyzed dogs, paid for a children’s hospital and did a lot more. Similarly, his latest endeavour is set to bring tears to your eyes.

In the latest video, MrBeast takes viewers to Africa to solve one of the biggest problems they have there: access to clean drinking water. He takes on the challenge of building 100 wells across the continent of Africa.

MrBeasts video is all about providing clean drinking water to the communities. The first well is built in a Kenyan village, where the people express their happiness upon getting access to water. The video follows him and his team as they travel to various locations in Africa, including Kenya, Zimbabwe, and other countries, to build wells and improve water sources.

After completing some wells in Kenya, they travel to the Niri school system. The local community warmly welcomes their arrival. MrBeast and his team visit the River from which the students currently fetch water. Upon seeing the condition these people lived in, MrBeast was happy that he got to do this for them. MyBeast emphasizes the sad reality that students have no choice but to use this unsafe water source, limiting and endangering their lives.

The kids and locals were very happy to see MrBeast and his team. Locals warmly welcome MrBeast at each location, and viewers witness the joy of the people as they gain access to drinking water. They constructed the wells using a large drill that reached the underground water supply. After making the wells, MrBeast donated water tanks to the people, allowing them to store and use the water as needed.

MrBeast in Zimbabwe

The video transitioned to Zimbabwe, where they constructed a bridge to improve access to a well. The dangerous river posed a significant risk to the community, and MrBeast helped construct a sturdier bridge for the people. Next, they visit a local hospital in Zimbabwe that relies on a distant water source. The project pays for the construction of a new well to ease the burden on pregnant mothers who previously had to walk a long distance for water.

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Well number 69 is equipped with solar panels to provide water for crops and livestock, even during dry seasons. MrBeast’s project extends to Uganda, Somalia, and Cameroon, reaffirming their commitment to providing clean water to African communities. The video underscores the importance of addressing the global clean water problem and urges collective action.

The project extends to providing bicycles to students, constructing a solar-powered well, and addressing the danger of river crossings with a new bridge. MrBeast calls on viewers to donate to Beast Philanthropy to support the construction of more wells.

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