‘I will stay away from social media’: Mai TT finally sleeps at home

Comedian and socialite Mai TT finally had the test of her bed after she was released from Chikurubi prison.

Staying in prison taught Mai TT a lot of things and allowed time for introspection, therefore, she has learned to adjust not to be addicted to her mobile phone and social media.

Speaking to a local publication while awaiting formalisation of her release from the prison on Tuesday she said that she is thankful for the time she was there as it has taught her a lot.

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She said she had more time to pray and fast and is looking forward to fasting in a way that will see her not becoming too attached to her mobile phone or social media.

“My imprisonment was divine since I advocate women’s rights. It affected me in the first days, but with the help of prison counsellors, I realised that I provoked God the time I visited Chikurubi Female Prison donating food and sanitary wear.

“I pleaded with prison authorities to be allowed to taste prison cell life then.

“They refused saying it was unconstitutional. But God used someone to facilitate my imprisonment and I got there when I had forgotten my demands.

“I learnt much in prison and thank God for taking me through a sour process for a noble and divine cause,” said Mai TT.

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The quashing of her conviction and sentence came after she had spent 63 days behind bars.

She had been sentenced to an effective nine months imprisonment in June.


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