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Douglas Mwonzora speaks on Zesa raid over electricity bypass

Movement for Democratic Change President Douglas Mwonzora has broken silence on the raid carried out by ZESA and police detail at the Harvest House head quarters in Harare on Wednesday.

Mwonzora claims that the Electircity supply authority was acting on a false tip off meant to tarnish his party’s image.

Yesterday, acting on a false and malicious “tip off,” ZRP and ZESA officials visited our headquarters, demanding to carry out certain investigations. We agreed, and they did their work. Nothing amis was found at our headquarters all.

The opposition party’s leader says ZESA engineers did their investigation and discovered no fault saying this was a move by detractors.

“We are grateful at the level of professionalism shown by the investigators in this case. What was clear is that people opposed to our leadership wanted to harass and embarrass our organisation through abuse of state institutions.

“The MDC is law-abiding and professional and can never allow its offices to be used for crime. We are busy with the program of serious reconstruction of our party to be the effective vanguard of the people to deliver democratic change.”


Several members of the police reaction team and officials from the Zesa Holdings Loss Control Department ton Wednesday pounced on the Harvest House following reports that the Movement for Democratic Change was not paying for electricity after tempering with meters at the party headquarters.

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The Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC took control of the iconic opposition party headquarters after a prolonged battle with Nelson Chamisa who had taken over after the death of former leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Sources who spoke to NewsDay on conditions of anonymity said Zesa officials received a tip-off from opposition politicians from the ousted camp that the MDC was not paying for the electricity being consumed at the building.

“The people who are part of the ongoing battles within the MDC tipped off Zesa officials who, however, tried unsuccessfully to access the building after being blocked by about 30 rowdy youths and they sought the assistance of the police.

“It has since been discovered that the MDC had been accessing electricity for free after by-passing the system in four of the building’s five floors,” the sources said.

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