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From burning coffin to burying two brothers in the same grave, woman suspected of juju

A very bizarre incident occurred last Friday as a family buried two brothers in one grave two years apart in a case suspected to be linked to juju rituals.

This came after Eugenia Nancy Mashiri demanded that her brother Danny Mupanduki be buried in the grave where her other late brother, Itai Mupanduki, was buried.

Itai Mupanduki died in 2021 after he was in a horrific car accident in Florida in the United States. Many members of the Mupanduki family are in the United States, where they are based.

Mashiri shared that she knew Danny’s last wish was that he share the same grave as his late brother. This decision had the family open Itai’s tomb to accommodate Danny’s lifeless body.

The burial occurred on Friday at the village where the Mupanduki family comes from. Musafare Mupanduki, Eugenia’s father, shared that he was unhappy about how his sons were buried.

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Eugenia once made headlines for exhuming a coffin and burning it to ashes before mourners and villagers. The Traditional leader, Chief Masembura, fined the Mupanduki family for the act.

Many villagers and onlookers suspect Eugenia must be using Juju and black magic, so she keeps doing weird things with dead bodies.


Below are some of the comments made by villagers:

What is awkward is that this is the same person who caused a scene in 2021 by exhuming a coffin and burning. Now she is the same person claiming to be in possession of her late brother’s will. We strongly suspect that there is more to this if it’s not juju-related

The Kraal head, Masiiwa, also confirmed the incident and shared with HMetro that the issue happened in his village last Friday.

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