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“Prominent Businessman’s Demise: Fatal Consequences Follow Altercation with Friend”

In a devastating turn of events, Sifelani Chuma (48), a prominent taxi operator and the owner of 8 Taxi Company in Victoria Falls, has passed away due to head injuries sustained after an altercation with his close friend, Malvin Nyoni (42), during a beer gathering.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving mourners in disbelief.

According to witnesses, Chuma and Nyoni were enjoying a casual evening at Chinotimba Tavern when an unspecified game between the two friends took an unexpected turn. Allegedly, a push from Nyoni caused Chuma to lose his balance and fall forcefully, striking the back of a vehicle.

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Nyoni was subsequently apprehended and brought before Victoria Falls Magistrate, Ms Linda Dzvene, where he faces a charge of murder. During the hearing, it was revealed that the accused and the deceased shared a close friendship.

Reports suggest that on the day in question, Nyoni arrived at the tavern and found Chuma already indulging in beer. Chuma generously offered his friend a drink, but Nyoni declined, stating that he had chosen not to consume alcohol that day.

According to the prosecution, “The deceased pushed the accused and the accused person retaliated by pushing the deceased with his hands on the chest. The deceased fell backwards and hit the rear fender of his vehicle with the back of the head,” explained Mrs. Portia Moyo, the prosecutor.

In considerable pain, Chuma requested assistance from his companions to lie down in the open boot of his vehicle. Afterward, his friends decided it was best to transport him to his residence, where they left him.

Later, Mr. Qiniso Ncube, one of Chuma’s employees, grew concerned and paid a visit to his ailing employer. To his dismay, he discovered Chuma lying on the floor, expressing agony from the back-of-the-head injury. Reacting swiftly, Mr. Ncube rushed Chuma to Victoria Falls Hospital, where medical professionals admitted him for treatment.

Tragically, despite the best efforts of the medical staff, Chuma’s condition deteriorated, and he succumbed to his injuries the following day. The heartbreaking news prompted the local authorities to launch a thorough investigation into the incident, ultimately leading to Nyoni’s arrest on charges of murder.

Nyoni was remanded in custody until December 6th and advised to seek bail through the High Court.

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