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Goblins chase away cops from police station

A police station in Gwambe, located in Bulilima, Matabeleland South has been left deserted after a series of mysterious goblin attacks.

The attacks have been confirmed by Ward 2 Councillor Mabed Ngulani saying; “We constructed a station for the officers, who initially patrolled in pairs,” Ngulani explained. “However, they have struggled to remain stationed there for long periods.”

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According to Councillor Ngulani, female goblins have been terrorizing male police officers and that mysterious incidences have been reported at the station.

“They recounted disturbing experiences – their bodies being violated, doors opening on their own, and mysterious figures climbing on the roof, rendering sleep impossible,”

A meeting was convened last week involving village heads and police officials from Plumtree. The Plumtree police decided to withdraw the officers from Gwambe, asserting that they could not risk their safety any longer as shared by Councillor Ngulani.

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The local chief also addressed the issue, advising the villagers to desist from such activities.

Police visited the ward and suggested they find another place for the officers. However, there is no available accommodation at Gwambe School, so the officers will use the clinic as an office.
While the councillor and community have not yet secured alternative housing, they have requested the officers to return to see if the disturbances continue.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena stated that she was not aware of the incident.

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