‘Phakamani Mahlambe is a waste of talent’: Gavin Hunt reveals how he spent R45k on booze

Gavin Hunt shares how Phakamani Mahlambi’s off-the-field lifestyle destroyed his football career.

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DiskiTimes reports that SuperSport United head coach Gavin Hunt says Phakamani Mahlambi is the biggest waste of talent.

Hunt also opens up about Mahlambi spending R45 000 on alcohol at a restaurant in one night, when he was just 21 years.

“I was at a restaurant a couple of years ago, he was at Al Ahly, he left us, they were having a good time, six mates, they always have mates because they have money – anyway, I call the waiter over, I asked what’s the bill over there, he said R45,000.”

The coach adds Mahlambi and his mates were drinking Hennesseys, and he [Mahlambi] was 21 years old.

Hunt told the waiter to stop serving them another drink or cancel the bill and get them out. Mahlambi paid and then went somewhere else, according to Hunt.

“But that’s what I’m trying to tell you, where is your mentality, I tried to speak to the boy but ya…” concludes Hunt.


@ThabisoMapaila: “O blame the likes of Khune, Jabu, Zongo, Junior Khanye and others for this. These boys are following in their footsteps and look where he is now!”

@matong_ben: “This got nothing to do with alcohol happens to lot of players who tend to retire from playing it professionally at a tender age.”

@AndrewJvdm: “He should answer why he and Wits sold him to Al Ahly, that was the beginning of the end.”

@QuintonKay08: ‘I still believe there’s some witchcraft from a jealous family member who saw this boy as a ticket for them being rich.”

@KeMariri: “You tried, coach… and are still trying. Sometimes, talent surrounds itself with darkness.”

@Gibeni: “It’s difficult for me to feel sorry for boys like him, they turn their blessings into curse, how do you spend over R40k on alcohol?”

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