Social Media Buzzes After Holy Ten Releases New Track Targeting Winky D

Controversial hip hop artist Holy Ten has been at the receiving end of a fierce backlash on social media following his recent threats to “end” Zimdancehall guru Winky D’s career.

Holy Ten who is not new to controversy, fired salvos at Winky D for allegedly dissing him during the commemorations of the gaffer’s 20 year milestone in the music scene.

Speaking at the Denny J show, Holy Ten said he had sent Winky D a message vowing to ‘end his career’.

“I sent Winky D a message and I told him, read this 300 times. I am going to finish you off,” said Holy Ten.

Following Ten’s sentiments, social media was awash with troll messages dissing Holy Ten for threatening ‘finish’ off Winky D when the hip hop artist allegedly failed to finish school.

“Tanga wapedza chikoro,” said one Kelvin Mamombe on X.

One X user, Kebby was quick to chide Ten saying the dancehall gaffer has seen and done it all before.

“Then comes a covid ‘yut’ saying ‘read this 300 times’,” read a caption on Kebby’s file video on X showing Winky D presenting Rocker’s Vibes on ZTV decades ago.

Another user on X, Brayan, took a swipe at Holy Ten saying Winky D has been singing since before he was born: “Sit down, Winky’s career is older than you.”

“With this character his journey in music is short. Clap for others so that they can cheer for you as well. You do not grow by starting wars on every front,” said another user, Tawanda Chabara.

In 2023 Winky D dropped the Eureka Eureka album which featured the track ‘Ibotso’ with Holy Ten.

The song which was a social commentary denouncing political bigwigs from exploiting the masses gave birth to the bitter rivalry following Holy Ten’s stance that he was manipulated by Winky D

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