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Big Brother Mzansi fans demand Liemi’s disqualification for spitting at housemates

Fans have demanded that Liema be disqualified for slapping and spitting on other housemates by the Big Brother Mzansi team and other authorities.

After one of the female housemates became angry due to her romantic interest, there was chaos in the Big Brother Mzansi house in the late hours of yesterday.

Following the Thursday pool party, Jareed, Liema’s romantic interest, was spotted flirting with Mpumi and Els, two of the female roommates.

In the dressing room, Liema lost her anger and became aggressive and violent.

She slapped her love interest Jareed and spat on Els during their encounter, despite the efforts of other housemates to calm her down. While some fans have emailed BCCSA to inquire about the situation, others have called for her disqualification.

See reactions below:

@Raylairey: Ohk we can all forget the provocation and spitting but what does Biggy’s rule book say? we all know that beating/ slapping someone doesn’t have a strike, it’s a straight disqualification.”.

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@Blackandbold: The issue with Liema vs Bravo B is that one was PLANNING TO ACT violently, the other ACTED one violently REPEATEDLY. Rape or GBV, they BOTH are offenses & warrant disqualification.
@BBMzansi@Lotto_Star. If not, Bravo B MUST come back. HE DIDN’T DO IT, SHE DID!

@Gee: #BCCSA is needed here more than in the Bravo situation. The commenter is heard justifying Liema actions of Spitting on Jareed face&Slapping him saying she was provoked. GBV can only be curbed when women are also held accountable. Nah man, this is Disqualification #bbmzansi”.

@Alphaking: Liema’s disqualification? I’ll be there no matter what!!!!

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