Ross tells Drake “You have a f***ng missle” after seeing his leaked video: See other reactions

Drake predicted the reaction he would get if an X-rated video of his ever leaked, as an alleged NSFW video of the rapper goes viral.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you’ll know that the Canadian rapper has been making all the headlines.

The ‘One Dance’ singer and rapper began trending on X today for the reasons you’d least expect.

An apparent revealing video ended up being spread round, and to say the 37-year-old is a key part of it is certainly an understatement.

Drake may often record himself showing off a ‘day in a life’ around his multi-million dollar mansion, but he’s also now apparently videoed himself showing the more raunchy side of his life.

For those who may not have seen it yet, the video shows the bottom half of a man exposing himself in a mirror, and Drake’s name ended up being brought into the equation.

Of course, the internet was reeling over the video, with one X user writing: “Wdym drake got lea… OH MY GOSH,” as another said: “How do I unseen it.”

A third commented: “DO NOT CHECK WHY DRAKE IS TRENDING,” and a fourth added: “Drake is trending but it’s not about music.”

Well, it turns out that Drake previously predicted the reaction to an X-rated video of him ever getting leaked.

Speaking about his track ‘Spin Bout You’, Drake once said: “The videos we got ever leak, we going’ viral or going platinum.”

Well, it’s safe to say Drake was right on the money!

And you may be asking what Drake himself has had to say about the matter

Kick streamer Adin Ross thought he’d go direct to the source and asked Drake himself the key question… Is it really the rapper in the video?

Ross recorded himself live on one of his streams sending a voice note to the well-known rapper.

He questions: “Yeah, bro, I’m still alive bro. We was just looking at the s**t. It’s like crazy bro, like god damn.

“You’re blessed with your voice, you’re blessed with performing, you’re blessed to be you, you’re blessed to be number one and you’re also blessed to have a f**king missile.”

Well, apparently Drake did respond.

Adin said Drake ‘texted’ him back and ‘put like eight laughing emojis’. He also apparently hinted at using the streamer’s voice note as his ‘next album intro’.

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