Shebeshxt warns fans who provoke him: ‘I stab’

South African musician Shebeshxt has warned some of his fans who deliberately provoke him saying he is always ready to retaliate with violence.

Recently, he made headlines when he was seen slapping a fan in the face. This is not the first time though that he has been caught on perpetrating violence.

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Taking to his social media, the popular artist said;

Shebeshxt warn fans that keep on provoking him. “The problem is you are used to provoking n*ggas. I’m not those people. I’m not a motherf***er. I stab. You are busy provoking me and you will cause nurses to fix stitches,” he wrote.


Shebeshxt beats fan

A video of the Limpopo-born singer has gone viral on social media, and he was seen hitting a fan on the face.

Shebeshxt looked angry on the video and he zoned off in his car after hitting the fan.

The reason behind the hideous behavior is unknown , however, social media users slammed the singer with various comments.

Read some of the comments below:

“This ShebeShxit guy is so Stupid, his career wont last for long.”

“Lol this guy will be arrested again.”

“This nigga needs to slow down & learn to walk away, otherwise.”

“His is movin’ too fast and he will caught that case, fought the case and lost that case.”

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