From sangoma to pastor: Former Generations actor Thabiso Mokheti shocks fans

Former Generations actor Thabiso Mokhethi has set social media abuzz after a video of him preaching in church emerged on social media.

His abrupt transition from being a sangoma to a pastor has stunned Mzansi and has divided opinion on social media.

A video showing Thabiso Mokhethi preaching in the church was shared by MND News on X, formerly Twitter. Captioning the post, they wrote;

“Former sangoma and Generations actor Thabiso Mokhethi is now a pastor..”

This comes only a few months after he publicly announced his transition from being a sangoma to embracing the role of a pastor.

Watch the video below showing Thabiso Mokhethi preaching in church;

The video showing Thabiso Mokhethi preaching has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media. Mzansi questioned how he transitioned from being a sangoma to a prophet so quickly

Netizens argued that he was a hustler of note and stated that he became a pastor solely to make money

Here are some of the reactions;


Once an actor, always an actor 🤷🏽‍♂️


Oh wow . Talk about improvising not only on acting but in life to get the bag 💼


How to make a million….Jiki jiki after few months “guy’s im selling holy oil“…This gent is hustling nothing else 😹😹


Blood went from sangoma to pastor this quick? How does this work kanti 🙈


A true actor this one he can take any character and nail it even in real life…He’s just exploring where it makes sense financially


Life is showing them flames 🔥, from being a Sangoma to pastor…He chose a very nice lucrative business model,narrated a sob sangoma story

From Financial Struggles to Spiritual Transformation
The video comes a couple of months after Thabiso Mokhethi opened up about his financial struggles after he lost his job after six years on prime-time TV.

In a recent exclusive interview with Gogo Skhotheni on The Venting Podcast, the actor reflected on the challenges he faced during this difficult period.

“After Generations there was a switch. I came from being on TV doing two shows. I did Gospel Gold, Gospel Time and Refresh. After Generations things just went dry,” he said

Thabiso explained that he embraced ubungoma to address his inner struggles.

In early September, Thabiso altered his stance. In a social media post, he distanced himself from being a sangoma, expressing his pursuit to seek God and preach the gospel

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