Why DJ Naves is leaving Metro FM

DJ Naves, real name Lebogang Naves announced a few weeks ago that he will be finishing off a few shows in January and will not be returning to Metro FM. This left many people wondering as he and SPHEctacula real name Sphe Ngwenya are a duo and have been friends for over 10 years. But the duo has set the record straight.


SPHEctacula and DJ Naves make up one of the longest-standing duos; Kings of The Weekend and have been DJing, producing music, and working on radio for as long as they can remember. Many radio fans believe Naves was fired and the station chose to keep SPHEctacula. But SPHEctacula says that is untrue. “He was never fired. He could never be fired because that would have destroyed everything that we have built over the years. He resigned,” SPHEctacula says. “He just wanted to do other things.”


The radio season ends at the end of March and with Naves having left, SPHEctacula is unsure of his fate at Metro FM being the only member of the duo left. “We will see what happens in the new radio season if I will continue or not, if they will keep me around as SPHEctacula without Naves.”

SPHEctacula adds that despite Naves’ departure, he is staying for the KOTW brand for his growth. “It’s very important for us to keep the Kings Of The Weekend flag on Metro FM. That is where we grew so much. But also releasing Naves on a Saturday night to go do other things opens us up more to opportunities that we couldn’t explore because were both on air at the same time.” They still do everything together.

“He even drops me off at work sometimes,” Naves says he left on his own terms and he and SPHEctacula had lengthy discussions before. “I left on my own terms. I resigned. I am growing. I needed a new challenge, and new adventures, I was feeling stagnant. I have the podcast I am doing with Mamelodi Sundowns. We realised we had to be smart in how we do business,” he adds.

“We also want people to get used to us as separate entities. Yes, we make music, DJ, and produce together, but we also have other ventures going separate from Kings Of The Weekend and we want people to get used to that,” SPHEctacula reiterates.

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