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Women who beat husband snatcher in Hatcliffe in custody: Full details

New details have emerged in the case where four Hatcliffe women assaulted another lady accusing her of having an affair with a married man.

Zelpa Kanduza, Natasha Kanduza, Fortunate Tembo and Evelyn Vinyungwi were recently arrested after a video of them severely assaulting Alice Chaichai went viral social media.

Over the weekend, Zelpa Kanduza, Natasha Kanduza, Fortunate Tembo and Evelyn Vinyungwi appeared before Harare magistrate Evelyn Mashavakure facing assault charges, H-Metro reveals.

It is in the States case that, the four accused women visited Alice Chaichai’s house in search of her but were unable to find her as she had already left.

Aggressively, they launched a vicious assault, forcibly dragging her out of her house by her braids. Helpless and defenseless, Chaichai endured a relentless barrage of punches and kicks as she lay on the ground.

Zelpa unleashed a flurry of kicks to Chaichai’s stomach, inflicting multiple blows, while the rest of the group mercilessly tore at her clothes. The relentless assault continued until Chaichai succumbed to unconsciousness.

As the violent scene unfolded, concerned residents from the neighborhood swiftly rushed to intervene. They bravely stepped in, forcefully pushing the four women away, effectively halting their assault on Chaichai.

Following the assault, an eyewitness reportedly came forward and compassionately covered Alice Chaichai’s nakedness with a protective wrapping cloth.

The disturbing incident was captured on video by spectators and subsequently shared on various social media platforms.

The circulating video footage proved instrumental in identifying the assailants responsible for the attack on Chaichai, ultimately leading to their arrest.

As a result, the four women involved in the assault are scheduled to appear in court today, where they will apply for bail.

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