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Four children tragically found dead in a parked car in Harare

In a devastating and heart-wrenching turn of events, four young children died after getting trapped inside a parked car.

The four children, two boys and two girls, aged between three and four, were found dead inside a parked car in Hopley Zone 1, Harare.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, has confirmed the incident to ZimLive, which occurred on Thursday evening.

According to the police, the children, who were last seen playing in the street, somehow gained access to the parked vehicle, unbeknownst to anyone around. Tragically, they accidentally locked themselves inside the car, leading to a devastating outcome.



Four Children Found Dead in Parked Car in Harare
Four Children Found Dead in Parked Car in Harare (Image Credit: SaskToday.com)
Police investigations suggest that the car might have been left unlocked, and once the children entered, one of them inadvertently caused the vehicle to lock, trapping them inside. The rising afternoon temperatures, reaching 29°C, likely contributed to their tragic demise.

Authorities are working diligently to piece together the details surrounding this heartbreaking incident.

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A neighbor shed more light on the incident, revealing that the children were last spotted around 1 PM playing in the street. Upon realizing the sudden disappearance of the children, their parents launched a frantic search, but their efforts were in vain.

It wasn’t until a neighbor, Simbarashe Makaza, went to his Toyota Chase vehicle around 7 PM to retrieve a container for his generator that the heartbreaking discovery was made. The lifeless bodies of the four children were found piled up in the backseat, sending shockwaves through the community.

The bodies of the deceased young children have since been transported to Parirenyatwa Hospital for a postmortem.

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