Mr Okay, Takura is not okay: Decides to quit music

ZIMBABWEAN Hip hop star, Takura has for the second time announced he is quitting music due to mental health reasons.

He announced on social media Thursday.

“This is by far the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life but I have finally decided to hang the boots, i am tired.

“I know people will think I am looking for attention but it’s not that,” Takura said in an Instagram video.

Mr Okay Okay as he is affectionately known added that he is working on his last project but doubts he will be able to complete it.

“I wanted to drop the deluxe and that was going to be my last project but I have been struggling to even make a song.

“The last thing I wanna talk about is check on your friends, mental health is something that is real but it seems like if you are a man how can you feel all those things going on until it is too late so check on your loved ones,” he added.

Takura first announced he was retiring from his music career last year in October.

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