Winky D pulls all songs recorded at Kenako Muzik from Youtube

In a move that has left the now-defunct Kenako Muzik record label with an egg in the face, Zimbabwean top musician Winky D has decided to remove all songs recorded at the stable due to a copyright dispute.

Winky D decided to counter Kenako music’s royalty claims when they chose to file copyright complaints on two songs, “Disappear” and “Mirror” on YouTube which saw them removed from the platform.

The musician then removed all the songs from Kenako to prevent any future dispute.

Kenako Muzik produced the bulk of the songs off Winky D’s Hot Gafa Kicks Tape which was released in 2014.

The once renowned stable accused Winky D of defaulting on their contractual agreements over the two songs.

The music stable is owned by businessman Peter Gwaza who owns Kenako TV.

Kenako Muzik fell into oblivion when Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma together with Tamuka parted ways with the stable.

Last week Zimdancehall musician Jah Signal had his tracks “Sweetie” and “Tengai Mafuta” pulled down from YouTube following a copyright claim by Charles and Olivia Charamba.

The matter was, however, resolved amicably.

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