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Sikhala’s release makes possible Moreblessing Ali’s burial

The remains of the late CCC activist Moreblessing Ali are set to be finally buried almost two years after her gruesome murder by Pius Mukandi, an alleged ZANU PF activist.

As reported by NewZimbabwe.com, the Ali family confirmed that the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) had allowed them to view her body, having been denied the chance since 2022.

The family had declared that Moreblessing would only be buried after their lawyer Job Sikhala was released from prison as he had been arrested while representing them and demanding justice for the late activist.

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Sikhala was released in January this year after spending 595 days in pretrial detention at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.

He had been arrested and faced two charges, one of inciting public violence for allegedly saying that Ali’s death had to be avenged, and the other of obstruction of justice for accusing ZANU PF of being behind the murder of Ali, thereby misleading the police.

Family spokesperson Washington Ali said plans are underway to provide Moreblessing Ali with a dignified burial. He said:

Now that Sikhala, our lawyer, has been released from prison, our family feels immense relief as he reunites with his loved ones.

On the day of his release, Sikhala expressed his sentiments, emphasising that it is now time to lay Moreblessing Ali to rest.

We deeply appreciate the unwavering support and solidarity from all of you during these challenging nearly two years, which lacked proper mourning and burial for our beloved family member

The family has been in communication with the police, and we have had the opportunity to view Moreblessing’s dismembered body.

Plans are underway to provide Moreblessing with a dignified burial. Once the dates for the burial are confirmed, you will receive a notification.

Moreblessing Ali was initially reported missing on 24 May 2022, and her dismembered body was later found dumped in a disused well at the home of Pius’s mother, Laina Mukandi in Nyatsime.

Pius is now serving a 30-year jail term after he was found guilty of Ali’s murder by High Court Judge Justice Esther Muremba in December 2023.

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