Khama Billiat gets R2 million Land Rover from Yadah FC

Following his surprise move to Zimbabwe’s Yadah FC, former Kaizer Chiefs star Khama Billiat has received a brand new Land Rover Defender valued at about R2.2 million much to the delight of his fans.

Khama Billiat got the vehicle as part of his signing agreement with the affluent club which paid the star about R800,000 fee.

In pictures seen by Harare Live, Billiat posed in front of his luxury vehicle while donning the club’s jersey in front of Heart Stadium, which will be his home for the duration of his contract.

Khama Billiat
Khama Billiat in front of Heart Stadium

This is not the first time that Khama Billiat has spent a fortune on vehicles, apartments, and other luxurious items.


Khama Billiat spoils himself with a R2.5 million Range Rover
Khama Billiat spoils himself with a R2.5 million Range Rover

He reportedly owns lush apartments. One of the apartments is in Midrand. Apart from that, he also owns an impressive car collection that costs a fortune. Let’s dive into some of his cars that cost a fortune.

Rolls Royce R3.8 million

Khama Billiat reportedly owns a Rolls-Royce. Unconfirmed reports have it that he purchased the car after he sealed his move from Mamelodi Sundowns to Kaizer Chiefs.

However, other cars from Khama Biliat’s car collection include:

  • Range Rover Lumma CLR RS Model R2.5 million
  • White BMW Hatchback
  • BMW 650i
  • BMW 2 Series

Against the backdrop of his return to Zimbabwe, many have been trying to connect the dots about what happened to Khama Billiat’s fortune, which he left in South Africa.

With Khama Billiat having played for 14 seasons in South Africa, many were more than convinced that Mzansi was his second home and wouldn’t dispose of his assets if he was relocating to Zimbabwe for good.

However, back home in Zimbabwe, reports have it that he has several properties and business investments under his watch. The player hasn’t shared much about what might happen to his fortune in South Africa.

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