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Headlands ‘Mbinga’ sends assassin to kill grade 1 boy for rituals

A Headlands “mbinga” is in trouble for attempted murder after he sent a hitman to kill a Grade 1 child for money rituals.

The incident came to light during the trial of Tatenda Mudziwedare, a 20-year-old from Sherenje Village. The man pleaded guilty to attempting to murder the seven-year-old boy. He told the court that John Madondo, a businessman from Headlands in Manicaland, sent him.

Manica Post reported that Madondo, currently in South Africa, is said to have communicated with Mudziwedare via phone, directing him on the sinister task. Mudziwedare, appearing before Rusape regional magistrate Francis Mapfumo without legal representation, admitted to violating sections 187 and 47 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, which pertain to attempted murder.

The charge against Mudziwedare states that on February 28, 2024, he attempted to strangle Alvin Kambadza to death at Sherenje Business Centre at the behest of Madondo. The mbinga told the accused that he wanted a human head for ritual purposes.

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Prosecutor Tawanda Munjanja detailed the event, explaining that Mudziwedare targeted Alvin, a Grade 1 boy, as he and his peers were heading to Sherenje Primary School.

Mudziwedare went for a walk to scout for a victim for Madondo’s heartless ritual. He then saw a group of pupils going to Sherenje Primary School. He spiritedly chased the children and seized little Alvin. Instantly, he grabbed his neck and tried to choke him to death.

Miraculously, a group of villagers emerged from a distance and only then did he let Alvin go, traumatised. The Grade 1 pupil went home and reported the incident to his mother, leading to the arrest of Mudziwedare.

Magistrate Mapfumo convicted Mudziwedare of the offence after he pled guilty. He will likely face a heavy and deterrent sentence.

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