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Man jailed 7 years for attempted ritual murder of grade 1 pupil

Businessman absolves self

A man has been jailed for seven years for the attempted ritual murder of a seven-year-old boy.

Tatenda Mudziwedare, 20, of Headlands in Manicaland, pleaded guilty to one count of attempted murder and had three years of his sentence conditionally suspended by a Rusape magistrate. He will serve an effective four years behind bars.

The court heard that on February 28 this year, Mudziwedare was instructed by a Headlands businessman with shops at Sherenje Business Centre to bring him a human head.

On the same day, Mudziwedare chased after a group of children returning from school and caught the seven-year-old.

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He is accused of attempting to strangle the Grade 1 pupil with both hands, only letting go after he saw two villagers approaching.

The boy narrated the incident to his mother who called the police.

Mudziwedare implicated local businessman John Madondo, claiming he is the one who sent him instructions on his phone to bring him a human head. Madondo, who was in South Africa, allegedly wanted to use the head to perform money-making rituals.

Police are yet to arrest Madondo, who has pleaded his innocence on Facebook.

He wrote: “I have no warrant of arrest and neither the police have contacted me. This is what happens when you’re persecuted for believing in Jesus Christ and trying to make an honest living through business.”

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