Maglera Doe Boy denies romance rumors with Cyan Boujee

Maglera Doe Boy has set the record straight on rumours of him being romantically involved with social media sensation Cyan Boujee.

Cyan is head over heels in love and has been posting precious moments with her man online but concealing his identity, and social media scores have been pinning Maglera Doe Boy as Cyan’s partner.

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The rapper took to the timeline to deny the claims.

“Okay it was funny, but before it got out of hand, that is not me in the image with Cyan. I don’t have jewellery with diamonds,” he said.

“Crazier niggas think I can afford diamonds like that. I own a Polo and I buy Carvelas ka month end.”

This is the first time Maglera has chimed in on a rumour about him.

Last year social media users speculated the rapper was dating visual artist Shala The Unicorn after he shared images of them together and he has never denied the claims.

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